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Thank you for looking at my profile, my name is Elayne, and I am a fully qualified professional Complimentary Practitioner and provide Therapeutic Massage for muscular pain, tension, and relaxation. I am a member of the Complimentary Therapists Association.

I provide a well-being service which is Holistic, so is beneficial for the body and mind. Therapeutic Massage is the manual manipulation of the body's soft tissue, and it's generally used for the reduction of pain and stress.

Therapeutic is a broad term that uses advanced massage techniques to help the body to restore balance. It is more specifically used in its intension to reduce physical pain and for emotional well-being, and it enhances the whole body’s system.

In addition, I do Silicone Cupping Therapy, which is very warming for the muscular system, and relaxing, the silicone cups can be used on their own or easily combined, and often included within Advanced Massage Therapy.

Silicone Cupping can Improve blood circulation, back, shoulder and neck pain relief, reduce inflammation, so helps joint and muscle pain. Cupping practice originates from Chinese medicine tradition and helps the own body’s system to heal.

I discovered that I had a passion for massage 15 years ago, after I attended a Holistic Exhibition in London. I began my journey within Massage Therapy, and I learnt how extremely beneficial Massage is for reducing stress, anxiety, tension, and muscular discomfort. I just could not wait to start my new career, helping people get out of pain once I qualified from the University of St Mary’s.

My approach is holistic for mind body and spirit. The body can be impacted by the physical and emotional. These imbalances within the body can manifest as pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, irritability, and even exhaustion and fatigue.

I use the Silicone Cups which help to release Fascial restriction. The oils that I apply are natural and add to the healing process, and the use Aroma therapy oils are especially balancing for emotions and well-being.

Massage Therapy can support health and reconnect the Body and Mind. I can imagine that going through a divorce may raise a mixture of feelings and upset. Major life changing events can cause “trauma” which can be held within the body. Massage therapy can bring about a sense of calm and ease tension.

It is especially beneficial for the nervous and immune system which are essential for our well-being but can be compromised when we are stressed.

During the massage therapy appointment, I will at times encourage you to engage your breathing whilst I apply the techniques. I will work within your limitations and restrictions and you should feel no major discomfort. This allows you time and space to totally relax, re connect and discover some inner serenity.

Before any of this prior to our appointment I am required to do a screening with you before the treatment can go ahead. What this involves is you completing a free initial consultation form. I will follow up to clarify the details and any requirements you have. Once you are happy, I will design a Treatment Plan that is personalised for you.

With our varied price plans and services this should reassure you that we are here to help. I like to add value to our treatments, and by listening to client feedback we continue to improve our service. If you have a health policy, please do check if Massage Therapy is listed as part of your cover.  

I work in a private clinic alongside other health professionals. The location is based within north London, which is accessible via intercom system, and is 5 - 10 minutes’ walk from the nearest transport.

If you would like to know more about our treatments and services, I can be contacted via my website or by e-mail below.


I have been seeing Elayne for just over a year for deep-tissue massage appointments and she is brilliant. Elayne is very warm and friendly, making you feel instantly relaxed. She listens to your needs and will adapt the massage accordingly for example, I sometimes required the massage to help with some running niggles or as a reward during stressful times at work. Elayne will then go the extra mile to make sure you have some techniques to see you through until your next appointment.

When I first saw Elayne I was suffering from back pain from an old injury I had been unable to shake off despite previous massage therapy and stretching. After routine fortnightly and then monthly appointments the pain has now gone, and I'm thrilled. I have since been training for running events and Elayne has made sure my body has maintained in one piece!

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Elayne. 

How I can help

  • Listen and support
  • Help with relaxation
  • Calm the mind
  • Ease muscular discomfort and increase mobility
  • Beneficial for the nervous system and enhances emotional well-being
  • Aids the immune system
  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce stress and anxiety


  • Please contact by e-mail for our prices

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