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Abeer Bilbeisi (London)
Divorce Mentor & Therapist
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About Abeer
I am an accredited International Divorce Mentor and Therapist, Master NLP Coach and CBT Trained, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Prepare/ Enrich marriage and Parenting Facilitator and I hold a BA in Psychology and MA in Child Psychology specialised for Special Needs Children.
Intranzition was born from first-hand experience and I created Grow through Divorce programme. The programme is designed to support individuals with the tools, techniques and advice needed to grow through the journey of divorce. With a wealth of experience working with children and parents, I was inspired to create the Mindful Co-parenting Workshop and Managing my Parent’s Divorce for Children. I also facilitate a support group for children of divorce in schools and a divorce recovery support group in my private practice. I am internationally recognised practitioner on single parenting coaching and single parenting with the special needs child.
* Applying my coaching principles, will help you and your children to manage your grief and build your confidence and shape your life and raise the hope of a new transition!
* The strategies and techniques enable you to navigate and cope with your divorce emotional journey so you can move forward with a positive attitude.
* I utilise the Prepare /Enrich programme that prepares couples for remarriage or step parenting.
Abeer is a very experienced and versatile facilitator and coach. She has worked successfully with a wide range of clients and groups, all of whom have really enjoyed and benefitted from her input. Whether working 1:1 or with a group her expertise, warmth and humour are always evident and very engaging. Abeer received very positive feedback from the clients with whom she worked and helped them to move forward and meet their goals.
Terry Debney EPC, Family Wellbeing Service Co-ordinator RF
How can I help
  • How to cope pre, during and post- divorce
  • How to navigate the divorce process
  • How to communicate with your ex
  • How to manage children
  • How to ensure to move forward
  • Re-marriage or Step parenting Preparation
  • How to thrive and your children after divorce
  • How children can manage their emotions through their parents’ divorce
  • How to manage co-parenting
  • One to one coaching
  • Face to face
  • Skype or telephone sessions
  • Workshops and support groups
  • Email Abeer or visit her website for prices


Special Offer
  • Free 15 min telephone consultation


Contact Details
Telephone: 07535 809 566
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