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About Catherine

Separation and divorce are one of the hardest things you will ever go through - I know, I've experienced it as both an adult and a child. I am a mum to three teenagers and understand the difficulties both you and they experience whilst on this roller coaster journey of emotions.

When your marriage breaks down getting clear on your circumstances and getting a hold on your emotions is vital, and the sooner you do it, the better. Working with a divorce coach can help you figure things out, get clarity on your future and move forwards confidently with your new life. If you're feeling confused, overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted then get in touch:

What My Clients Say:

" When I started with Cath I was a wreck, not eating, sleeping and could hardly function. Six weeks on and I'm a different person. I see things clearly and have a new love for my new and single life. My energy levels have increased and my mood is through the roof. I would recommend Cath to anybody going through a divorce." DW

" I struggled so bad through my divorce, it was a horrible time for me. I came across Cath by chance and wasn't sure at first. I was spending so much money on legal fees and everything else that I just couldn't justify spending anymore money on my divorce. Then one day it got so bad and I knew I needed some sort of therapy or support. It's such a relief to speak to somebody who understands - she just gets it. Since our first call, I've made big changes, I can cope much better and can see my light at the end of the tunnel. " KJ

How I can help

  • Emotional and practical advice
  • Banish negative emotions
  • Co-parent collaboratively
  • Financial clarity Confidence
  • Dating do's & don'ts


  • In person or online sessions - get in touch for details.


  • Send me an email

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