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Sex is the most powerful drive to connect in nature and yet we don’t like to talk about it. It’s so often wrapped up in shame and guilt. But it's what makes us feel alive and loved and to want to deeply connect with a partner. That’s why separation is often like being bereaved. Many people want to feel alive and loved again and go out on the rebound, or they switch off and shut down, feeling unlovable. It’s a real problem for many couples and is probably the topic they find the hardest to talk about. It was certainly a difficult conversation for my wife and I. We spent years looking for the right kind of help, which probably explains why I do this work now.

There can be so much pain around sex because of unmet expectations and misunderstandings. It is the supreme language of love and so when it all goes wrong, it is easy to feel rejected and that your’e not enough. With a doctorate in Human Sexuality and as a certified coach, I enjoy helping people learn about their own sexuality. I love teaching people the skills they should have been given as young adults. I get the best job satisfaction of seeing men and women grow in confidence, knowing they can make the right intimate connections now. Sex is natural but it is something we still need to learn about. When it goes well it is good for your physical and mental health and is the glue that really keeps people deeply connected.


Graham provided a place of comfort and acceptance. Where I could discuss anything. He was completely non-judgmental and unshockable. I enjoyed meeting with him tremendously even through some pretty tough and intense sessions. I have found a freedom within myself that I did not know existed. For me it is a journey of self-discovery. Asking questions that have really made me think and question why I think the things that I do. I would wholeheartedly recommend Graham to anyone who is having any sexual issues whatsoever, whether they are in a long term relationship or not. He reassures and supports you every step of the way. (Jon, 41)

What I can help with

  • Making sense of the sexual side of what may have gone wrong
  • Rebuilding confidence and a new vision for your sexuality
  • Finding your voice and learning how to ask for what you want
  • Learning skills for making the most of intimate connection


  • One to one on zoom or Skype or in person
  • Private 'Training in Touch' sessions for singles or couples
  • Workshops
  • Mailing of feature articles and information


  • £65/hr for individuals
  • £85/hr for couples

  Special Offer

  • Complementary discovery call

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