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Relationship Coach and Counsellor
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About Juliette

I am passionate about helping people to live authentically and get the most out of life and am well practiced at getting to the heart of the issue, quickly and sensitively.  

Training in Relationship Systems Coaching and Gottman Method Couples Therapy; Certification as a Professional Coactive Coach and registration with the BACP as a Therapeutic Counsellor, together with twenty years of working with hundreds of clients means I have a myriad of practical solutions for the problems people face in their relationships and day to day lives.

My own experience of relationship therapy and marriage counselling (where the focus was on problems and past hurts) led me to take a very different approach in my own coaching.

I help and support my clients to focus on what they want, rather than what doesn’t work. I’m not afraid to be honest about what I think and if that also means being tough or challenging, I will be.

I am highly skilled at quickly diagnosing what is really happening (often diving deeply beneath the presenting problems) and supporting my clients to move through their limitations, rather than avoiding them.

I am not afraid of people’s emotions and encourage my clients to connect with theirs because of the valuable information emotions have for us. I also have an online home-study course available on my website for individuals who want to get to know themselves better and build their self-confidence and couples who want to work on their relationship at home.”


“I went to see Juliette when my relationship with my husband had broken down but I did not have the courage to leave the marriage. Needless to say I did leave him but not without the help of my ‘spine lady’ as she was fondly referred to by my close friends. From feeling completely downtrodden and lacking confidence, she helped me to ‘re-grow’ my backbone and I finally had the self-belief to do what was true to me. Juliette, I cannot thank you enough!

How I can help

  • Dealing with your divorce
  • Learning to co-parent with your ex
  • Building a new relationship after divorce
  • Communicating confidently
  • Family problems
  • Finding new purpose

Coaching and Counselling

  • Coaching and counselling in person (in Berkshire), by telephone or Skype.
  • One-off sessions or programmes of 4 + sessions

Special Offer

  • 20 minutes FREE telephone consultation
  • 60 minute trial session for £50

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