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About Hayley

Hi I am Hayley, I am a parenting coach, mentor, speaker and facilitator. I have been working with families for more years than I care to remember.

I have experienced both personally and professionally the impact divorce and separation can have on both parents and children. Each separation is unique and brings its own unique challenges, for this reason every family I work with receive a totally unique plan to enable and support them through this time.

I work with you to come through your challenges and find a positive way to move forward.

I work with individual parents, both parents and also to introduce new partners.

My main objective is to remain focused on the child and their needs while empowering parents. I work with families with children up to age 16 years.


We were stuck in a rut going back and forth with no resolution, we couldn't find a solution and legal fees were constantly increasing. It was not the position I thought I would be in.

I was put in touch with Hayley and from our first meeting I felt calmer, like there was a positive way forward. She worked with us all to come up with solutions and to move our relationship forward.

i felt in control and like we all had input into the process, Hayley is knowledgeable and has given me tools I can use moving forwards to help my family in a positive way in the future.

Best of all as we came up with solutions and we're able to resolve issues meaning we managed to keep the spiralling costs down.

I will certainly be accessing Hayley in the future should I ever need further support on any family/parenting issues. Roz (43)

How can I help

  • I can liaise with school and/or nursery to ensure the impact of home life on your child's education is as minimal as possible.
  • Lessen expense by avoiding and minimising some court procedures.
  • Improve and empower parenting through divorce and separation.
  • Advise and put together Co-Parenting Plans.
  • Support around behaviour, emotions and sleep, as this can be a really tough time for all involved.
  • Support single parents.
  • Giving back control to parents by providing a 'tool kit' as problems can crop us for a long time to come, so I leave you with the tools to deal with this.


  • Bespoke 121 online coaching and support via skype or zoom.
  • Bespoke 121 face to face coaching available within Yorkshire and Humber only.

Free Offer

  • 20 minute Initial Conversation to help you start taking action.

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