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Anita Cleare MA AdvDip (Child Development) is a parenting speaker, writer and accredited Triple P® parenting facilitator.

“Being a parent isn’t easy. And parenting through divorce or separation has unique challenges. I support parents before, during and after separation to provide children with a secure and positive framework to help them adjust to change and continue to thrive.

Every child reacts to family changes differently. Some children act out their emotions in their behaviour while others internalise and self-blame. I help parents implement concrete practical strategies for managing children’s difficult behaviour and emotions and boosting their resilience.

I work individually with parents and/or together as a separated couple. I can advise on introducing new partners, developing a co-parenting plan, making the most of limited contact time and on managing as a single parent.

My focus is ensuring that children’s needs are met. My aim is to help you cut through the fads and fashions of parenting advice and focus on how to apply simple evidence-based approaches in ways that work for your specific family set-up.”


“We really have seen a massive improvement in family life and have all adjusted well to the changes we've put in place... [our son] as a result is in a much happier place and looking forward to his summer and starting school. He really is doing well!” Mum of two, Surrey

“I have learnt so much about myself and my actions. I have a better understanding of what my children need and we already have a better, calmer, more fun and caring relationship.” Separated dad, Berkshire

How I can help

  • Parenting through separation and divorce
  • Co-parenting after separation
  • Managing children’s behavior and emotions
  • Parenting support for single parents
  • Introducing a new partner to your children


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