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Sarah England (Hertfordshire)

Family Mediator
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About Green Light Mediation
Green Light Mediation is an experienced award-winning Hertfordshire based family mediation service. What’s special about us? We offer co-mediation, the preferred training model of the FMA without charging for the second mediator. Why? Because we are passionate about mediation and want the best model with the highest success rate as relationship breakdown is tough enough, so you need the best service possible, but cost is a factor. We are accredited with the FMC and have mediators qualified to see children in addition to mediators who supervise the professional practice of others.
“You made it possible to talk about the most painful of things” Mr L
“I just didn’t know where to start with the divorce, thank you for guiding through it and showing us what our financial options were. We would never have known how to get here on our own and I was so worried the children and I would lose our home. Now we can all focus on the future” Mrs A
“Being a banker I always look at the financials and estimate that you have saved us at least £40K!”
Mr M “ This process was made about as bearable as possible by Green Light Mediation” Mr V
“Thank you so much, school have said she is calmer, happier and achieving well now. So glad we picked a service that is so focused on the children” Mum of a 9 year old.
How can we help
  • We can support both of you through the process, put you in touch with other professionals should you feel you need that and even help with paperwork if you both agree. If there are disputes with child arrangements, division of assets, working out where you will both live or ongoing maintenance call us first. We have saved many people from stressful and expensive court battles!


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