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Diana Jordan (Teddington)
Divorce Consultant
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About Diana
I'm a former solicitor, and my clients now are mostly those who can't afford solicitors, ie litigants in person. I help them with as much of their paperwork (letters to ex's solicitor, statements for court, divorce petition etc) as they need, and they sign and send it themselves, meaning they stay in complete control of their case. If they have to attend court I arrange a direct access barrister to represent them if they can afford one, or a McKenzie Friend to help them if they can’t.
I am the author of “A Better Way of Dealing with Divorce” which explains how divorce works (and doesn’t!), how to save money on legal fees, and how much you can do yourself. It has several case studies, busts some common myths about divorce, and is easy to read.
But sadly my clients these days tend to be those going through acrimonious court proceedings. Many are leaving abusive relationships and are worried about their children.
Although I work from offices in Teddington and Weybridge I also have clients all over the country who I never meet, but work with by phone, Skype and email.
How I can help
  • Litigants in person
  • Help to write your own letters and documents
  • Difficult court proceedings (children and money)
  • Leaving an abusive relationship
  • Divorcing a narcissist
  • Please email me
Special offer
  • Free 20 minute phone call to see whether I can help you, or suggest someone more suitable for your case


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Telephone: 01932 843434
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