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About Dr Williams

I have been a GP for over 20 years and early in my career I developed a special interest in helping patients struggling with stress and anxiety. My experience in General Practice has demonstrated the complexity of stress and how it can affect people.

It has also highlighted how unique every individual and their situation is. I set up my business, Williams Stress Management, in 2018.

Through my business, I am able to provide my help to a wider audience who need support in navigating their way through particularly stressful times in their lives. I am not a counsellor, therapist or coach. I have my own unique style, based upon my years as a GP and things I have learned in the job, on courses and through life experiences.

I am passionate about the work I do in offering support to individuals who are struggling but also in empowering them and educating them in understanding themselves and in making changes so that they can reduce the negative impact of stress on their lives.

How I can help

Divorce and separation are high on the list of the most stressful and challenging life events. For each individual going through a divorce or separation, there will be aspects in common with others going through the same thing. However, ultimately, the experience will be unique to them and it can be an extremely lonely and stressful place.

With years of experience in helping patients deal with mental, physical and emotional health issues in a one to one setting, I can help you by:-

  • Providing a space in which you are the most important person, where you can be honest about how you feel without having to worry about anyone else
  • Giving you the opportunity to explore and express your thoughts and feelings freely
  • Helping you recognise how stress might be affecting you; your mental, physical and emotional health -Helping you recognise unhealthy coping behaviours which might feel good at the time but be causing you harm in the long-term
  • Helping you recognise stressors (causes of stress) which you are in a position to do something about
  • Helping you to understand the stressors which you are unable to change but where you can modify your approach to them so that they feel less stressful
  • Equipping you with things you can do to help you manage yourself and your life so as to lessen the negative impact of stress

By offering a holistic approach, in helping you navigate this very stressful time, I aim to help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and face life with renewed strength and hope.


  • ‘I have been working with Rebecca for a few months now and have found her empathy and insightfulness inspiring. Her ability to find practical tools and techniques has been tremendously helpful in navigating potential stress points. I am very grateful for the support, the mechanisms to approach challenges on a day to day basis and the sense that Rebecca gives of just 'getting it' which enables her to quickly identify the source of a potential issue and take away the feeling that a challenge may be insurmountable. Thank you!’
  • ‘In her own friendly and low-key way Rebecca let me open up and talk about my concerns.  With her support, I was able to develop my own ways to manage problems and re-build my confidence.  It was like stopping to look at a map - Rebecca helped me to find where I was, to see where I wanted to go and get back on the road.’


  • One to one sessions via zoom (fully confidential)



  • A one-hour session £60

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The initial 30 minute introductory consultation is free

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