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About Susie

Do you feel uncomfortable with the thought of sitting face to face, whether it be over a zoom call or in a room, with a complete stranger, pouring out your most personal story?

I know I did, which is why I offer a unique Walking (socially distanced) and Coaching Session, all in one, which really does work. By just having one session I can reduce the negative impact stress will be having on you.

Something for your ‘mind’ in the form of practical advice and strategies to help you cope and move forward with your Divorce or Separation, and something for your ‘body’, exercise and fresh air away from the endless cycle of social media and computers screens.


“I know I needed help desperately, but did not feel I deserved it as I was the instigator of my Divorce. I felt so guilty and very alone, so I bottled everything up becoming more depressed. Susie was a ‘breath of fresh air’ literally … I felt immediately at ease, being outside was less formal, and enabled me to ‘open up’ in a way I would have found difficult normally. Robin (Cheshunt)

How I can help

  • I am Samaratan trained so I listen to you without judgement.
  • Help give you clarity when your mind is confused to enable you to make constructive emotional, legal and financial decisions.
  • How to manage the ‘fall out’ of family/friends/work associated with your Divorce or Break Up.
  • Build your confidence and devise a plan for your future.


  • One to One Walking with Coaching
  • Coaching by Phone


Special Offer

  • Free 20 minute introductory call

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