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Who is looking after you through this divorce?

Who is taking care of your health, peace of mind, wellbeing?

Who is supporting you, holding your hand? Particularly if you are looking after others?

This turbulent time in your life is best handled when you are in the optimum place that you can be with your own health. Making important decisions, having difficult conversations, drawing on internal strength and willpower - all best done when your body is properly fuelled, is strong and rested. And when your eating patterns are not taking up valuable headspace. Its amazing how much clearer the mind is when you have given it a little TLC.

It is my business to help women Blossom. I coach women to find peace around food, eating, and wellbeing. My area of specialism is that of Disordered Eating – eating that is out of control, emotional, binging. Also ending years of yo-yo dieting with little success. Disordered eating as you probably know is not about eating, its about low self-esteem and body image, coping with emotions and having your needs met – all of which may take a knock during separation and divorce.

I help women rebuild and transform their relationship with food and eating patterns. I also encourage them to take care of themselves, without guilt, so that they can take care of others. I am an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders & Weight Loss, and trained in Stress Management and ACT therapy. I keep my coaching packages flexible to suit what each client needs.

I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions, fortnightly, for optimum benefits. 


I feel so lucky to have had Cathy’s excellent support and guidance. She clearly has a huge passion for health and wellbeing and is extremely knowledgeable. The way she works means that you, the client, lead the direction that the sessions take. She has a calm and relaxed approach which is completely non-judgmental and focusses very much on offering a bespoke service according to an individual’s aims and needs

The impact has been tremendous and was just what I needed. Cathy is a gentle and patient listener. She is also very perceptive and can help crystallize feelings and concerns. She has shared a great deal of information and resources with me- taking great care not to overwhelm. My progress continues. I am so glad to have had this experience with Cathy and would recommend her enthusiastically. Cathy helps her client understand their own issues and develop strategies to deal with them; sometimes in our lives this is just the support we need!

Cathy is amazing, she is a professional, confidential, knowledgeable, calming and caring person. Cathy has totally changed me, I knew what I should do but just didn’t do it.

How I can help

  • I help women blossom.
  • Boosting self esteem, improving body image.
  • Better eating patterns for a natural relaxed relationship with food
  • Help end years of battling with diets and / or weight cycling
  • Advising on gentle nutrition for balance and energy
  • Promoting calmness and resourcefulness for when times are tough and patience is low
  • Prioritising sleep and rest
  • Encouraging healthful behaviour change
  • Helping to balance hormones
  • Motivating natural movement
  • If you have been diagnosed with a health condition I can advise on the right foods to eat to support you through recovery or adapt to a new life.
  • Coaching on the practical kitchen issues – personal meal planning to suit your tastes, recipes, efficient cooking, shopping lists.


  • One to one sessions via zoom
  • Phone Group coaching


  • See website for current prices

Special Offer

  • My 30 minute introductory consultation is free
  • See my Facebook page @blossomhealthcoaching for further special offers from time to time

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