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About Alison

I am the Founder and Managing Director of Pennywise Consultants. I started Pennywise because I identified a real need for a service that would alleviate the fear and uncertainty felt by couples worrying about how they will manage their finances after divorce or separation.

My team are financial lifestyle analysts specialising in creating and challenging lifestyle and household budgets. If you want to know how much money you need to finance your personal life, children, pets and property, now and in the future, then this is the service for you.

Our budgets are used for divorce, Inheritance Act disputes, financial planning and dispute resolution because they are balanced, fair and impartial. When our clients come to us, they are invariably feeling vulnerable and frightened.

Our aim is to relieve that fear, worry and stress. We leave our clients feeling that what they are parting with, or receiving, is fair, realistic and accurate. Our evidence-based reports have been successfully used in court hearings to negotiate from a point of strength, and frequently lead to out-of-court settlements as a mediatory tool.

It’s helpful if you engage our services early on in the proceedings, so that your lawyer has a platform to work from. Ideally, we will be paired with a financial advisor or wealth manager who can incorporate our annual estimate of expenditure into a cashflow model. 

I run my business in the same way I run my life, with a combination of efficiency, humour, dedication and kindness.


"Pennywise Consultants prepared a Schedule of Estimated Annual and Monthly Costs and a Future Budget Estimate for me ahead of my Financial Dispute Resolution hearing. The work required was considerable - there was no way I could have done it myself, and certainly not within the expected time frame - but Alison and her team produced incredibly detailed spreadsheets for me within a very tight deadline.

I should point out how anxious I had been for some time about examining my existing and future financials. However, everyone at Pennywise was so considerate and helpful, I came out of the process feeling quite empowered and hopeful for the future". Anne, London 

"Pennywise is an essential resource for family law practitioners. They have assisted me with analysing expenditure going back several years and presented their findings in a clear, concise and easy to digest format which is essential for clients, lawyers and Judges. Generally, this kind of work is delegated to junior lawyers or paralegals who are generally less qualified and more expensive.

Pennywise therefore not only add significant value and expertise to a case, but they also offer considerable value for money. I am not aware of any other firm that is offering this kind of service and I cannot recommend them highly enough". Thomas Pavey, Associate Solicitor, Vaitilingam Kay

How I can help

  • We produce Income Needs Schedules to meet the requirements for Form E when filing your divorce paperwork, accurately itemising everything you’ll need to pay for in future.
  • Our Future Budget Estimates are based on actual and projected spending, covering all your household and living expenses.
  • Budgets are based on postcode, using a combination of research, our own regularly updated data and input from you. We regularly research the current costs of household items, from energy prices to schooling, groceries, property maintenance, holidays and hobbies.
  • We can also undertake analysis and categorisation of bank and credit card statements for anyone wishing to challenge a budget, or who needs a particularly robust, evidence-based budget that will stand up to cross-examination.


  • Fixed price quotations are given on a case by case basis, prior to engagement.

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