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Jessica Roy (North Yorkshire)

Divorce and Relationship Coach
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About Jessica

I am an Accredited Divorce and Relationship Coach from North Yorkshire. An Ex-Headteacher and teacher, who has been through the pain and hardship of Divorce myself, experiencing it first-hand without support and now I have the privilege of supporting others, moving clients from a place of surviving to thriving. If you are struggling to manage on a day-to-day basis, feeling low and ‘stuck’, or unable to move on after a divorce or relationship breakdown, I can support you to gain control, get clarity and build your strength in order for you to move forwards towards a brighter future.

As a farmer’s daughter, I am a huge advocate of the healing power of nature and my sessions are tailored to empower and support my clients to use the outdoors within their healing process. In beautiful settings in Yorkshire, I run supportive day retreats for divorced and separated adults to share, make new connections and heal. I also offer outdoor coaching sessions. Packages are bespoke to my client’s needs and I will work with you as long as you require support. Prices start from £95.

I can help you with

  • Managing overwhelming emotions
  • Building long term strength and resilience
  • Future goal setting
  • Relationships and dating for the future
  • Faith and Divorce
  • Supporting children through a break up

My services

  • 1:1 coaching online or in person
  • 1:1 and group outdoor coaching
  • Divorce retreats
  • Online divorce support groups


  • I’ve learned so much about myself and feel positive and a lot more confident. It’s been really good to have someone to talk to apart from family and friends. Jess has helped me understand what I can do to shape my future from here – and it feels positive and full of potential. Karen


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