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Lucy Podmore (Oxfordshire)

Break up and divorce coach
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About Lucy

I’m Lucy and I’m here to help you through this difficult time. I guide and support men and women before, during and after divorce or separation. I’m an accredited Breakup and divorce coach having trained with Sara Davison, soon to be a master practitioner and a mindfulness and meditation teacher.

You may be feeling hurt, confused and not knowing where to turn, that’s all perfectly normal but you don’t have to go through that fear and uncertainty alone. I have been through a divorce myself after a long marriage with three children.

I’m passionate to use my knowledge and experience to support you through any stage of your journey. My comprehensive toolkit and strategies will help you navigate the divorce process and empower you to take back control, dial down your emotions and give you the confidence to move forwards positively.

My coaching will bring calmness and clarity to help you with the emotional rollercoaster and give you the practical support you need to make the right decisions for your future.


“I was shocked and so emotionally overwhelmed when I met Lucy. I didn’t know how to cope with a very difficult ex pressurising me through a divorce within days of telling me it was all over, I was heartbroken. Lucy picked me up and gave me emotional support and great practical help.

She was so calm and knew how to cope with the conflict and anger I was facing daily from my ex, she even helped me word replies to messages which made me feel I could cope.” JWS

“I knew I wasn’t happy in my marriage and I had emotionally switched off. But I didn’t know how to leave or what to do. I was losing sleep over worrying about money and how I would cope on my own but I also didn’t want to stay. Lucy knows just how to give you the clarity to plan steps forwards and helped guide me through the whole process.” KS

How I can help

  • Coping techniques to help you through the whole divorce process
  • Build your confidence and resilience
  • Allow you to take back control
  • Communicate and cope with your ex
  • Help you guide your children through their emotions
  • Find your identity
  • How to love and trust again


  • 1:1 coaching in person or virtually
  • One off sessions or packages available
  • Calls at the weekends


  • Starting from £95

Special offer

  • Free 20 min discovery call – please book on my website
  • Download Free e-guide ‘Your Rescue Remedy’

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