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Janet Henson (Conwy)
Global Coach
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About Janet
I was married for 25 years and I am one of the UK’s first accredited Break up and Divorce Coaches, my own divorce was sudden and hit me like a rollercoaster. Divorce is ranked as the second most traumatic event you can go through in life. Having been through one of my own, I fully understand the impact ending a marriage can have on your health, emotional well-being and life in general. My unique approach focuses on harmonising the mind and body working together.
This holistic approach will enable you to operate and recover at full capacity. I used this holistic approach during my own divorce and have hugely benefitted from it; so much so, that it gave me a new passion and prompted my career change into Divorce Coaching. I want to share this successful method so you are not facing the emotional journey alone.
My role is to act as your personal guide, offering support and guidance as you transition into your new and improved life. My ultimate aim is to assist you to design a new life that allows you to move forward and find happiness again. As a Divorce Coach I am experienced in all types of breakups and divorce across all age ranges involving both men and women.
I have specific experience and expertise in Divorce/Breakup in later years, narcissist partners, infidelity, high conflict and expats.
“After 25 years of marriage I was in a state of complete emotional distress, I was frozen not knowing how to begin to process what had happened to me. For my husband to leave me in my 60’s was something I never expected. Janet’s coaching gave me back control over my life and I could see a bright future. The strategies she provided me with have helped me to work efficiently with the legal aspects of my divorce and I now have an action plan to move forward. Her ongoing support has been invaluable”.
R - Switzerland
My divorce was friendly and whilst all the legal aspects were in place, I still had a lot of emotional trauma, bad habits and torment. I was living in the past overthinking everything and unable to move on with my life. Janet worked with me to dial down the emotions so that I could process them and break the pattern of overthinking and catastrophizing. I learned to deal with issues as they arose in a confident way, meeting them head-on and not burying myself in the sand of what ifs.”
J – UK
“Janet’s expertise in Narcissistic Abuse is exceptional and helped me overcome the trauma of an abusive relationship.”
F - France
How I can help
  • I am here to guide you through the pitfalls and equip you with the emotional and physical skills to move forward with your life. The strategies and techniques I will equip and empower you which will enable you to navigate and cope with your journey with positivity. Confidently transitioning into the next phase of your life.
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Telephone: 07956 486 652
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