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Rebecca Spittles (Bristol)

Divorce Coach

About Rebecca 

Right now you are feeling abandoned, hurt, shocked and scared, or maybe just complete overwhelm by how you have reached the point where your marriage has ended and the next step is divorce.

Perhaps you have gone through the whole divorce process and have come out the other side and are feeling as lost and scared as you did at the beginning because 'when the divorce comes through' has been your mantra and now it has nothing has changed about the way you feel?

You need support at this time I've been through the whole process myself both personally and professionally. I understand. If you are at the beginning of the divorce and separation journey you want to know what is going to happen next, how the 'system' works and how on earth you are going to get through it. If you have gone through the process and are now divorced maybe you feel like you haven't healed like you thought you would and you need a confidence boost to move forward.

I can share my knowledge about the legal system, mediation, child contact arrangements so that you can stop worrying. As your coach I am a non-biased, non-judgemental listener so that you can talk honestly about your hopes and fears for the future, so that you don't feel like you are burdening friends and family. You will build an 'emotional survival kit' of skills that you can then take into any area of your life.


"I had a family solicitor to represent me in court but I needed to informally talk through the process and get to a place that I was happy first. I believe this helped me get a reasonably fair deal. My ex decided to represent himself and not talk to anyone before hand – although I had offered him Divorce Coaching’s number. I was prepared, having got the figures down on paper before hand, Becca told me not to under estimate my value and my worth having followed him around the world all our married life. I had only worked part-time, his choice but we had been married a long time, I was the home maker and child carer, I knew this would be thrown back at me when we got to that stage so I worked with DC to have a clear vision of what I wanted. On the day we went to court it felt like Becca was sat on my shoulders to support me."

"Following my divorce I saw Becca to help re-evaluate my life, this was my chance to make lots of changes. Although she talked me through the ‘not rushing in to the pink hair or the sports car’ she allowed me to talk through my aspirations and what I would like to do next. Some were outlandish but she listened, whilst my family all thought I was crazy and discouraged me. My sessions reminded me to be me and my current situation was not my fault, she assured me that I would feel better, she’d been through it herself with her daughter and they are both now happy and content. Yes I accepted some responsibility but being a single mum (we co-parent thanks to Becca helping me reach that decision) was a much better option that being unhappy." 

"You can’t prepare yourself for divorce whether you are instigating it or not. It’s tragic on many levels but working out what to do next is the hardest part. I’m not usually a talker but Rebecca helped me focus on my reasons for walking away from my life with my husband and helped take away the guilt. I was low in confidence and had no idea if I would cope alone. I had a good job so I knew financially I could stand on my own feet, but there were other areas that needed to be divided. We talked through where I would go, how I would tell my family, Rebecca gave me the courage to go home and talk through those areas and come to a decision between us before we even started the legal process. It certainly saved us money and I’d imagine a lot of shouting at each other across a big boardroom table like you see in the movies! By the time we got to the legal bit we were actually on talking terms and although the saddest experience of my life so far, I was in a much better frame of mind once that paperwork came through my letter box. Rebecca reminded me that it was the start of a new chapter."

How can I help

  • Money and finances
  • Being a single parent and how you are going to co-parent
  • Being left out of the 'couple' events and being lonely
  • Never feeling happy again
  • The dating scene and getting out there again


  • One to one
  • Skype Coaching
  • Workshops


  • £52.00 per session

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