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Lisa Overett (Suffolk)

Personal Development Coach
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About Lisa

Do you feel uncertain and unable to move on with your life?

Are you struggling to sleep, control your emotions and need some direction, motivation or confidence?

Would it help to have somebody there to listen, challenge and support you?

You can benefit from coaching at any stage of your divorce process or breakup. You may have arrived at this point over some time or maybe it was unexpected, sudden and unforeseen. You may have restrictions on seeing your children or your partner is being particularly obstructive or difficult leaving you feeling alone and without hope. What coaching gives you is the time to think, put things into a different perspective, prioritise and make realistic plans for your future and that may also include your children or other family members. As a Mother of 4 teenagers and with a partner of 9 years I went through a traumatic and life changing divorce and understand the mix of emotions that arise during this challenging time. Qualified as a Personal Development Coach I would like to make use of my knowledge and experience to help others who are also going through this difficult – and remember temporary – period of their life.


Lisa’s ability to hold a safe emotional space as well as encourage action has been a good combination for me. Certainly in later sessions I needed to re-balance my emotional state before moving forward with goals and Lisa held the space professionally and compassionately to allow this to happen.

Lisa was always able to help me to keep on track with my goal and her ability to empathise when it was needed was second to none. Lisa’s clear and thorough questions enabled me to have a break through with some long held limiting beliefs.

Lisa has a great ability to listen well and offers only the minimal amount of direction allowing me to find my own course and committing to it. She pushed me very slightly when I needed it and listened empathically when it was right to do so. I achieved a deeper self-awareness of my actions, personal negative beliefs and how they were holding me back.

How I can help

  • I can help you gain greater clarity and forward focus
  • Peace of mind and the confidence to face the future
  • Recognition, understanding and management of your emotions and feelings
  • Confidentiality
  • Strategies to plan and build a new life for yourself and your family


  • Coaching
  • Skype Coaching


  • Various packages available. Email or call Lisa for pricing

Special Offer

  • A free 30-minute consultation for you to tell me about your situation and discuss further how I can help.

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