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Madeleine Morgan (Cambridgeshire)

Divorce, Relationship and Life Coach
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About Madeleine

Are you looking for help and support with your life but feel you don’t know who to turn to?

  • Maybe you’re in a difficult relationship and you’re wondering if there’s a way to make it better or whether you need to leave.
  • Perhaps you know you want to divorce but you’re anxious about how you’ll cope with the process and the impact on you or your family.
  • Possibly, you’re already divorced and you know that the divorce has had a negative impact on your self-esteem, your career, your finances and your confidence in relationships. You’re wondering how rebuild yourself and your life.

You've probably already explored the self-help route; books, blogs and videos, but you want something tailored to you. And now you’re ready to talk to someone more experienced in helping you move your life, relationships, career or business confidently, skilfully and faster in the direction you want to go in. As a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach, I’ve been working, since 1999, with people around relationship issues and rebuilding their confidence and their lives after a difficult set-back. If you’re ready to take your life in a new and more exciting direction, I’d like to offer you a free coaching discovery session.


“Madeleine is an exceptional coach… Very quickly she expanded my thinking way beyond the limits I had set for myself and … gave me practical step-by-step advice that moved me forward in my career, my business, my personal relationships and my personal development. As a direct result of Madeleine's coaching my confidence soared. On top of all this, the process, wisdom and expertise she brought to the coaching allowed me to make changes in myself that deepened my relationship with my girlfriend, improved my interpersonal skills with colleagues at work and most important of all, given me an ongoing realisation that this whole journey is exciting and enjoyable.”

How can I help

  • Making confident decisions about getting a divorce
  • Handling a divorce calmly and confidently
  • Rebuilding your life, and that of your family, after divorce
  • Getting clarity about the life you’d like to create after your divorce
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Helping you find the right person for you and enjoying dating again
  • Building career or business success and fulfilment


  • One to one coaching
  • Face to face coaching
  • Skype
  • Telephone


  • The first session is free
  • Fees for the following sessions depend on the programme we create together for you.

Special Offer

  • I’d like to offer you a free, confidential coaching Discovery Session. We’ll spend 45-60 minutes together, via skype or face to face to:
  • Talk about where you are in your life
  • Get crystal clear about how you’d like your life to be
  • Uncover any hidden barriers to you achieving what you want
  • We’ll decide on the steps you can take to overcome them
  • Get all your questions about coaching answered
  • Find out if we're comfortable working together
  • Then you can decide if you’d like my help and support. Whatever you decide, you’ll go away from your Discovery Session feeling more motivated, excited and positive about your future.

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