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Sandie Martel (Kent)
Life Coach
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About Sandie
Originally from France where I studied English at University, I moved to Kent 15 years ago and worked in a variety of corporate roles. My career path changed dramatically after my separation in 2011 and after I put one foot in the therapy world and realised the amazing impact it had on my life. I separated in 2011 after an 18-year relationship and got divorced in 2014. I have 2 beautiful children aged 10 and 8 who are now happy. And, I have kept a good relationship with their Daddy. Said like that, it sounds like it was a very easy thing for me to do, but trust me it was not. I have had a very stressful experience leading me to hospital with pneumonia - this is an example of what constant stress and negative thoughts can do to your body – this is what led me to search for ways to help myself and to change my thinking. I now offer sessions so that you can understand that we all have innate well-being despite our circumstances. It is available to us at all times. I would love to point you in that direction and help you gain clarity in your life.


"I met Sandie through a networking event and I must admit that her knowledge, her sensitivity, her calm and own experiences really touched me straight away. I was suffering from a strong attachment to my ex partner and she was here to support me through the process of letting him go! I thought that the first session would not change anything, still what I didn’t know is that it would help more that I would have thought! I started seeing my thoughts linked with my ex partner fading away and be less harmful, it left that feeling of having more time focusing on myself and a clearer view on what I wanted to achieve in life! Today I do feel fantastic, focusing on my business and being very excited about my future!"  C.C. (London)
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