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Natasha Brittan (London)
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About Natasha
Natasha Brittan is an entrepreneur and company director, mum and divorcee. She has also trained as a mindfulness teacher and Reiki Master Teacher. She works with women suffering emotionally from divorce, life events and cancer through mindfulness and energy healing.
Natasha started writing about her experiences in her blog over three years ago and is currently developing a positive, supportive and inspirational online community.
Natasha is a contributor to the UK’s Resolution campaigns for mediation and no-fault divorce and has been featured on UK radio and TV, Sunday papers and magazines with her story. She is also an expert on the The Divorce Talk Show in the US.
Natasha’s mission is to help women trust the sky is blue beyond the clouds and that their divorce does not have to define the rest of their lives. She is currently writing her book “How to be a Divorce Goddess” to inspire women of the world to find courage and support, healing and direction in the unlikely gift that is divorce./div>
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