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Sara Collins (Cambridgeshire)

Divorce Coach
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About Sara
I am a Mindful Divorce Coach. A qualified and accredited Coach with NLP and a Mindfulness Practitioner. I have twenty years’ experience working as a Divorce and Child Solicitor. I was on the Law Society`s Child and Family Panels as an expert in this area. This experience and wisdom now sits behind my coaching practise.
I provide unbiased non-judgemental, caring and compassionate support at a time of huge upheaval and emotional overwhelm. A mindful space in which to pause, reflect, gain insight, self-awareness and knowledge. Focusing on mindful active engagement in planning and considering positive, thoughtful action. Helping my clients to maintain their dignity through the process.
I encouraging clients to step away from reactivity. Instead, helping them to develop a deep awareness of their thought patterns and their impact on how they interact with themselves and those around them. I share techniques to centre and ground clients in the here and now, enabling thoughtful and focused decisions to be made. I believe this is so important when dealing with the breakdown of a relationship to minimise the damage to all involved. I have seen time again how the adults behave, through and beyond the breakdown, can impact hugely on how children can move on and adjust.
I am committed to helping facilitate a positive journey through the relationship breakdown allowing clients and their families to continue their life journey happier, more connected and authentic as they come out the other side.
Sara has helped me cope with a painful experience and built my self-awareness and confidence to face the future with new strategies and positivity. She is kind, easy to talk to, supportive and encouraging as well as being very skilled at drawing out underlying issues and challenging me. Sara is sensitive to my individual needs and preferences and flexible in her approach. Our sessions are always thought-provoking, interesting and positive and I would not hesitate to recommend Sara. 
Client moving through Divorce
"My journey time with Sara was profound. She was sensitive, encouraging, yet challenged me whilst supporting my exploration of new paths. Being coached by her exceeded my expectations and I would fully recommend her services.
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How can I help
  • By providing a mindful space in which to pause
  • Helping you to minimize the impact on any children
  • Supporting you to make thoughtful, focused decisions
  • Creating a dignified and authentic future path
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