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I am Dr Nikki, an NHS GP and money coach for women. I help women to find their confidence and independence surrounding money management and wealth creation. Many women find themselves looking after money on their own for the first time in years after a divorce. It can feel overwhelming and scary, and the temptation is to ignore what's going on financially.

Money does not need to be an additional source of stress.

I support women who are managing their money on their own and who feel that they would like additional support with this to ensure they are doing the right thing. When we need help with our fitness, we hire a personal trainer. A money coach is like a personal trainer for your money.

And money is more than just being frugal and spending within your means. It's about becoming "money free" - that point where money no longer stresses you out, but supports you and helps you to build a secure future ready for retirement.

My coaching runs over 2 months. In this time we have 4x 2 hour sessions (which can be spread out weekly into hourly sessions if preferred).

We will work on your money blocks to wealth with deep work on the sacred money archetypes and how they are influencing what you do with money, your budgeting headaches, and create a solid plan for your future wealth by creating a clear and easy to follow path.

Many women have made substantial savings and breakthroughs by working with me. I help to cut through the noise and streamline what YOU need to know in order to reach the next level with your finances. For example, one lady found £900 in savings over a year just with ONE exercise I taught her to do. Another found £1000 in an investment account she forgot she had.


"Nikki has helped me to transform my finances and my attitude to money significantly - I went from having no idea what was coming in and going out, whilst amassing unnecessary debt to having a budget and financial plan for the future which is enabling me to pay off debt and still enjoy holidays or feeling deprived. Her course materials are delivered in easy to understand, manageable chunks with lots of helpful resources and Nikki is very encouraging and offers lots of support"

"I had a 15-minute strategy call with Dr Nikki where I presented to her my fiscal train-crash. In a space of a few minutes she had discussed 4 achievable strategies where I could get some much needed traction on paying off debt. Thank you Dr Nikki. I see light at the end of a tunnel."

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