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About Rosie

Hello! My name is Rosie Lyon and I am an accredited break up and divorce coach. I specialise, but am not limited to, domestic and financial abuse. I help all genders and all ages rebuild their lives.

Going through a break up is the second most traumatic experience you will go through in your entire life. I know this all well myself.

When I was 17 years old, I entered my first relationship that lasted 7.5 years. Little did I realise, that I was experiencing domestic abuse. After I left the relationship in 2019, things got very difficult, so much so I lost my home due to no fault of my own. It’s important to note in my story that physical abuse only happened once. The reason I am telling you this is because there is a myth around domestic abuse that it’s just physical, well it’s really not and sometimes, it’s hard to spot.

After going through domestic abuse for 10 years I decided to take back my power and control. I started bringing change to the financial industry, winning worldwide awards to provide ‘a Fairer Financial Future to Sufferers and Survivors of Domestic Abuse’. I have been in magazine articles, newspapers, featured on podcasts and so much more. Not only do I have lived experience, but I have also been on 13 courses in regards to domestic abuse and have been awarded a level 2 diploma.

This is the reason I became a break up and divorce coach. To give others the help that I wish I had going through this difficult time.

There is no time on how long coaching takes but I recommend at least 6 sessions. The good thing about myself is, even if you have finished coaching with me and there is a bump in your break up road, you can come right back for another session!


“Rosie has been an amazing support to me. She really did speak sense and helped me understand what I was going through and that it was not my fault. Rosie offered bespoke coaching to fit my budget which really took the pressure off me too. I am now extremely happy and it’s a shame I don’t get to have a weekly chat with her anymore!’ Emma (Essex)

How I can help

  • How to cope with your break up or divorce
  • To help understand the process that you may be going through
  • How to manage conversations with your ex partner
  • To rebuild your life and find yourself again
  • Understand domestic and financial abuse


  • 1-1 coaching
  • Zoom
  • Telephone


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