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Trev Roberts (Dorset)
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About Trevor
I am a psychotherapist in private practice with over 25 years clinical experience and a special interest in relationships, particularly the aftermath of acrimonious breakups where significant trauma has been created.
I am also the founder of Bournemouth Heartbreak Support Group. Having had my own personal experience of painful relationships and a divorce, I naturally feel for those going through troubled times. I am living proof that you can come through this, (now happily remarried with a step-daughter) as are so many of the patients I have treated over the years. I use a combination of interventions tailored specifically to the individual under my care, including CBT, counselling and Imago Therapy. I can assist if you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and indeed if sadly it has already broken down.
Most relationships can be salvaged and turned around if help is sought early enough, the longer issues are ignored and buried the more resentment builds up and the more difficult it becomes to turn things around. Never be afraid to seek help and it is always ok to approach a few different therapists to find one that resonates with you.
A complete difference in the way I feel act and approach everything that is in front of me. My partners words are need to kiss that Trevor for the difference he’s made by bringing back the man I fell in love with all those years ago”
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Telephone: 01202 242883
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