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Debbie Rose (Aberdeenshire)
Divorce Coach
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About Debbie
Six years ago I was living in the Middle East with my husband and children. We had a good life and I didn’t see the break-up coming. Not only did I have to move homes with my children but return to our native country after 10 years abroad and start again.
I spent the next 2 years going from therapist to therapist looking to be ‘saved’ and in victim mode telling the same story. I decided enough was enough and realised I had to take a different approach and after finding strategies and tools decided to be that one-stop person for people going through the pain of a separation, to help deal with all aspects of rebuilding life after divorce.
I am one of the UK’s first accredited Divorce and Break-up coaches and an EFT practitioner. It’s my passion to help people who are feeling lost to go on and live their best life ever!
How I can help
  • Handling emotions
  • Taking back control
  • Gaining clarity about your new future
  • Creating a dream life plan
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Co-parenting/dealing with a difficult ex
  • Making sure children are supported
  • Being a single parent
  • Free FB support group
  • 1-1 coaching face to face or via skype
  • 3 month Breakdown to Breakthrough package
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  • Please contact for details


Contact Details
Telephone: 07593 647843
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