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Olga Frankow (London)
Transformational Life Coach
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About Olga
I am a certified transformational life coach with a diploma in couple’s relationship coaching. I believe relationships with our loved ones affect every area of our life and can be directly in charge of our performance elsewhere. That’s why it is so crucial to nurture our relationship and learn to be more caring partners and parents.
I have gone through a few painful breakups myself, before I met my now husband of 7 years. A couple of years into our relationship we had the same arguments as most couple do and didn’t know the way around it, until we both made a conscious decision to work on ourselves and committed to becoming the best partners for each other we could possibly be. It worked so well that I decided to share our experience with other people and now I work with couples or with one of the partners towards gaining clarity about their situation and understanding what the next steps might be.
I offer assistance at any stage of your relationship, but I certainly encourage you to reach out for help as early as possible if you feel the disconnect and misunderstanding are becoming your day to day reality. With my coaching support you will be able to create a clear vision of your relationship and define easy to follow steps towards living it. My three, six and twelve months coaching packages are designed around individual approach and your specific needs at any given moment. I can help you understand male/female dynamics, regain your self-esteem and learn to communicate your needs to your partner in a way that feels safe and comfortable to both of you.
"I would totally recommend Olga! She has been a delight throughout our sessions! From the first moment she made me feel very comfortable which was very important in order for me to share my experiences and start an honest effort to change my life. She made me realize how important enjoying every moment is and how much I was missing because of stress, pressure and anxiety. She is very trustworthy and she creates a safe environment to talk and discuss deeper thoughts and feelings that I personally would have struggled with."
How can I help
  • Gain clarity about your relationship
  • Resolve conflicts and overcome misunderstandings in your family life
  • Define the steps towards your dream future
  • Support through emotional stress
  • Finding fulfilment and joy in life after divorce
  • Reconnection with yourself and improving your self-esteem
  • One to one coaching
  • Skype or telephone coaching
  • Workshops
  • Email for pricing information
Special Offer
  • I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation


Contact Details
Telephone: 07429641865
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