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Leighton Stagg (Avon)
Personal Development Coach
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About Leighton
I am an experienced Personal Development Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist who's passion it is to facilitate genuine growth, confidence, fulfillment and success in others. So what brought me to this role? I have certainly had my fair share of challenges in life! Having lived a very humble and difficult childhood, and growing up amidst the challenges of separated parents - from a young age I sought to find some semblance of meaning in the world around me.
I searched everywhere for security, and answers to the big questions of life – and through an extremely varied, rich and intense life experience, I actively sought to develop myself, questioning and refining my personal understanding of what it means to be an authentic and fulfilled human being, and of what it means to be happy in life.
Having cured myself of Traumatic Stress Syndrome attributed to military service, I realised the immense power and resilience of the human mind – regardless of the challenges which life throws our way. I am now committed to working with those, like yourself, who may be going through immense struggles in life; supporting and listening, helping you to gain greater meaning, a sense of clarity and perspective on the challenges which may have arisen, and a clear direction to enable you to keep moving forwards, to keep growing, and to consciously begin creating the life which you truly deserve.
“Leighton is a terrific coach. His objective view and simple, structured and highly effective methods have changed my life. I owe him infinitely more than money can represent."
M. Pownall” 
"My coaching programme has helped me gain the confidence I need to get my life back on track. Leighton was fantastic... I hope anyone thinking of using him will seek his help for he has helped me dramatically.”
L. Loveridge
“To put it simply, life coaching has been the best investment in my future happiness that I could have made... I will continue to have coaching throughout life to help me become more successful & realise even more of my potential... If anyone is considering having life coaching with Leighton, I would say go for it!”
S. Day
How can I help
  • Overcoming anxiety and heartbreak
  • Re-framing challenges and Re-empowering you!
  • Expanding and clarifying your vision of what's possible
  • Setting new and exciting life goals and ambitions
  • Creating positive, results focused action plans
  • Upgrading your skills to become more resourceful
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs and mastering your own psychology
  • Overcoming family differences and negotiation skills
  • Creating harmonious relationships
  • Building lasting confidence  
  • Confidential, one to one sessions, wherever you are in the world
  • Enjoy coaching from the comfort of your own home via phone / Skype / ooVoo
  • Full email / message 'blanket of support' between sessions
  • Weekly home tasks given to facilitate your growth and maximise positive results
  • NLP enables us to create lasting change on conscious and unconscious levels
  • A full 7 day 'Unconditional Happiness Guarantee' on all coaching programmmes
  • Option for full, face to face 'Transformation Days'. Enquire for further info  
  • Various coaching / NLP programmes on offer, to fit around YOUR needs.
    Prices start from £65 per WEEK
Special Offer
  • Get in touch and mention to enjoy a full, no obligation 90 minute 'Deep Discovery' session for just £35!


Contact Details
Telephone: 07717 559 945
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