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Joanie Winberg (USA)
Divorce Mentor, Certified Human Behavior Consultant
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About Joanie
I work with Family Law Attorneys and their clients as well as helping 100’s of people navigate the pitfalls of divorce and co-parenting. To my clients I am known as a personal advisor, a sounding board, a cheerleader and a strategist. As a mentor, I am someone who is specifically focused on you and your success. As founder of the unique Survive and Thrive after Divorce Boot Camp, I teach the necessary life skills to get you back on track after divorce and to be happy again. I am also the co-host of The Divorce View Radio Talk Show on the FMG Radio Network.
"When working with Joanie, coaching becomes the most practical tool, for someone to understand “who she is” and what it is that makes her truly happy in this life. This, by itself, is the best present money can buy for oneself. Joanie is amazing in valuing, empathizing, deeply listening and turning thoughts around so as her coachee, sees the world in totally new perspective and under a different prism. Joanie, I wholeheartedly thank you for being who you are and having honored me to be my coach."
Lilian T. International (Greece)
"When I first met Joanie it was easy to be inspired by her positive attitude and generous nature, but I was soon to learn that my work was just beginning. Joanie helped me see myself in a different place and gave me the tools to believe in myself. I learned to focus on my gifts and recognize my passions. Raising my children as a single parent has been my priority for many years, but with Joanie’s guidance, I have begun the process of realizing my dreams to start my own business. The powerful combination of the Survive and Thrive after Divorce Boot Camp and Joanie’s commitment to see me succeed has started me on the path of entrepreneurship and has inspired me to pursue my goals. Her enthusiasm is contagious!”
Pauline Sullivan, client of Attorney Mark Greene
How can I help
  • Love and trust again
  • Turn stress into calmness in minutes
  • Quickly recognize personality styles and traits of others to communicate with ease
  • Set measurable life goals to take control of your life and plan for a successful future


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Telephone: 508 947 2750
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