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Karen Marshall (Berkshire)
Relationship Coach
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About Karen
Leaving an 11 year relationship at 28 I believed someone else would make me happy. Over the next 13 years of my adult life, I then considered myself single, supporting myself emotionally, mentally and financially. I dated, had short-term relationships, but none of them lasted beyond 2 years.
I did the dating game, got the t-shirt, and also lived alone as a single business woman over a number of years. When another significant relationship ended in my early 30’s, I was broken and made the decision that took me 7 years to study, research and re-educate myself to become an expert on the subject.
The relationship mistakes we make and why we make them. I had made all the mistakes, to recognise what DOES WORK and noticed different results with men I dated. I was determined to find my Mr RIGHT, someone who was extraordinary - the love of my life, I then met at the age of 41 and married when I was 47. We now share the happiest, most loving and rewarding relationship of my life. Why?
I did the work on myself to understand me first, to better understand someone else and the steps to build a more fulfilling and happier relationship. I become the chooser instead of waiting to chosen to immediately RECOGNISE my now husband. Let me now share the secrets to accelerate your happiness and future so you don’t waste your life making the same mistakes.
“I would recommend Karen at Love Coaching wholeheartedly, her approach is warm, sincere, personable and empathetic whilst being highly professional and determinedly focused on helping you to achieve the ultimate goal of turning your dreams into reality….I found the course well structured and fun…. It has certainly helped me to positively focus and identify what really is important to me and …. regain control and know that there is something I can do in what seemed a truly hopeless personal situation.”
Nicole C Managing Director, Incentive & Exhibition Management
“Brilliant insightful program, well worth doing… highly recommended for those seeking a deep and meaningful relationship. Karen demonstrates a breadth of in-depth knowledge on the subject and draws on her extensive toolkit and experience, whilst being sensitive and understanding to individual situations.”
Leila, Hampshire Sales Professional, Technology Industry
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