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Sarah Hull (East Yorkshire)
Divorce Solicitor and Coach
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About Sarah
My name is Sarah and I have been practicing divorce and family law for the past 22 years. Whilst I am based in Leeds I am able to help and represent people nationwide due to modern technology.
More often than not when, I meet a new client I wish I had met them 6-12 months sooner before they had even voiced their decision to leave their relationship and before they had taken any steps in anticipation of doing so. This is because there are so many pre-emptive steps a person can take to place them in a stronger position, emotionally and tactically and therefore giving them a better chance of getting a more favourable outcome than may otherwise have been the case.
Although I am not a counsellor I am very supportive throughout the whole process of separation, offering both sympathetic and constructive advice. I am a very practically minded person and believe there is more than one way to achieve a desire outcome…its a matter of being creative, flexible and thinking outside the box. This is what sets me apart from your average divorce and family solicitor and what my clients most appreciate about my services. I also spend time guiding clients about the best way to have difficult conversations with their soon to be ex-spouse to achieve what they want. How you say something and how you make someone feel can be more important than what you say.
My expertise includes mid to high net worth cases involving family business and pensions.
I am a member of Resolution and deal with matters in a non-confrontational way. I believe you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and this is particularly important when there are children involved.
"With Sarah's help, advice and encouragement I am not fearful of the events ahead. She gave me the opportunity to see forward again. Her input has helped me in more ways than I can mention, not just the legal issues which I can't thank her enough for. I feel like I've climbed out of a hole and I am no longer the person I was when I walked into Sarah's office. I simply couldn't quantify or understand what was needed, to put all the things into place to move on, Sarah did this for me. Once again, a huge thank you for everything. I can't say much more than that."
"I instructed Sarah in relation to my divorce as she was recommended to me by a friend. She impressed me with her knowledge of the divorce process, her understanding of the issues I was facing and her speed of response. Above all, it was her guidance and sensitivity around how to approach/manage some difficult discussions with my ex-wife (especially in relation to matters impacting on my children), that I valued most. A first class service that I would, and do, highly recommend."
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